SATO travel agency has been making travel dreams come true since 1985. The agency organizes individual and company trips, honey moons or city tours.

SATO Tours has been using Okayo systems since 2017.

Wielton S.A. is one of the largest manufacturers of semitrailers, trailers, and dump trucks in Europe. Wielton company is listed among ten largest businesses of this industry in the world.

Since 2017, Wielton company has been using tourguide systems Okayo as a universal tool for communication in different conditions and on various occasions.

Ferrero Polska was founded in 1992 as a trading company. In the same year, in Bielsko Duże, the production of Nutella and Kinder chocolate egg was commenced. Ferrero Polska is a part of Italian group – Ferrero, producing candy, snacks, and soft drinks.

In 2017 Ferero Polska bought Okayo tourguide systems.

Oriflame company was founded in Sweden in 1967. Oriflame works in direct sales system selling beauty products.

The company uses tourguide systems Okayo for conducting training courses and conferences.

Szopen – Tour travel agency offers tours around Poland, Czech Republic and Prague. The agency also offers bus rental of comfortable and air-conditioned tourist buses. Szopen – Tour is the only travel agency in Kłodzko Land that uses tour guide systems during their sightseeing tours.

Szopen – Tour travel agency has been using Okayo systems since 2016 to this day, constantly increasing the number of their receivers and accessories.

Audio Guide Gdansk is our original project launched in 2009 and developed year by year with new recordings and languages. Tourists are currently able to visit Gdansk using Okayo equipment (AT-200 GPS and AT-100 audio guides). They can listen to 40 recordings in 4 different languages (Polish, English, German and Russian). Thanks to our /collaboration with Visit Gdansk, the audio guides can be rented from Gdansk Tourist Information Centre (28/29 Długi Targ Street).







The Women’s Museum in Hittisau, set in the idyllic scenery of Bregenz Forest, is the only museum of its type in Austria presenting women’s cultural heritage and environment. The museum purchased the Okayo WT-300 model.

A global leader in bathroom solutions. Winner of numerous awards and honours in the field of design, innovation and sustainable development. Roca Polska uses the Okayo EJ-7 model.

One of Poland’s most modern and largest science and technology museums together with a planetarium was opened in a former coal power plant in Łódź city centre. uses the Okayo AT-300 model to provide audio descriptions for blind and visually impaired people in this unique facility. The EC-1 project is run by the MAE Multimedia Art and Education consortium.

On 10th February 2017 the City of Gdynia Museum opened a new permanent exhibition – “Gdynia – open work“. To guide visitors around the exhibition in Polish, English or Kashubian the museum uses the Okayo AT-300 audioguides or a special smartphone app which… you don’t even need to download – you just need to connect to the museum’s special wifi network. We are delighted to provide the audioguide equipment and also the mobile app with audio descriptions and recordings in 3 languages for the wonderful centre run by a lovely young team less than a kilometre from our office…


English for children:

One of the leading producers of equipment and accessories for the dairy industry.

One of the biggest Portuguese translation agencies managed by Cristina Bettencourt. CristBet uses the Okayo EJ-5 model.

The museum has two roles, a traditional museum and also a cultural-educational centre. It tells of the history of Jews in Poland from the arrival of the first Jewish traders around the year 960 and the beginnings of Jewish settlement in the former First Polish Republic (which included modern day Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and the western part of Russia) up to the modern history of the Jewish community in the Third Polish Republic. The museum purchased the Okayo WT-300 model.

Guidee Bednarek Group provides services for the largest Polish tour operator – Rainbow Tours – in the sphere of conducting guided foreign tours. Annually, the company provides services for more than 50,000 tourists on 4 continents. Before Mr. Bednarek decided on choosing the Okayo WT-300 for almost 2 years he investigated various models of available systems. None of them, however, completely fulfilled their high demands and only WT-300 proved to be the best solution for such a demanding customer.

Tourist Polska is a travel agency providing comprehensive services in the area of individual and group tourism from 1997. Their office offers a full range of services from booking tickets to the organization of complex tourist services. They have extensive experience in fulfilling special orders made at the request of the client. Tourist Polska has been using the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system from April 2014.

SHALOM TRAVEL SERVICE is a travel agency for incoming tourism. They provide services to 18,000 tourists annually – mainly groups from Israel coming to Poland for both tourism and visiting memorials. They purchased their first Okayo WT-300 tour guide system in March 2014, and then later expanded it with other units.

ERKADO is one of the market leaders in door production in Poland. From 2010 ERKADO’s business act ivies have encompassed retail, wholesale and export in the production and sales of interior doors, exterior doors and door frames.Technological innovation, flexibility and setting new market challenges enables offering high-quality products at a reasonable price. The company uses the Okayo EJ-7 tour guide system for showing guests around the production lines of their factory in an environment with a high noise level from June 2013.

Marzena gives guided tours around Warsaw. She shows people well known places as well as those that aren’t found in guidebooks while enthusiastically telling the stories behind them. Marzena purchased her first Okayo WT-300 set in October 2014.

oliwaThe cathedral in the Oliwa district of Gdansk has seen continuous development since it was founded in 1186. In the course of its history of over 800 years it has undergone constant evolution combining styles from Romanesque through Gothic and Baroque up to its modern shape. It is currently one of the most beautiful and eminent religious buildings in Poland.

The implementation was part of the renovation and maintenance of the cathedral which is a cultural legacy of the Cisterians. Among other things they installed tourguide and audioguide systems in three different languages.

The audiovisual systems were implemented without any problems, on time and in accordance with the specifications and technical documentation. Furthermore – and hugely important to the success of the project – they showed a good understanding of the requirements for installing the systems in a historic building. Media Expo showed themselves to be very professional and worth recommending as a supplier of audiovisual systems.

Father Dr Zbigniew Zieliński

The Sillybilly Memorial European Fairytale Centre in Pacanów is a cultural institution that directs all of its activities to children, parents, and people working with children. In addition, it is a great place to experience interesting adventures with young children.

Shortly, touring in Pacanów will be conducted by using the Okayo system, thanks to which it is possible to join a group of Polish tourists listening to the Polish-speaking tour guide with a group of foreign visitors listening to the English version.

Merzhausen DE 2The saint Georgen-Hexental pastoral unit consists of 5 parishes, including the parish of St. Gall and the parish of St. Agatha, which in April 2015 purchased the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system for professional guided tours of pilgrimages.

The tour guide system from Okayo truly enriched our pilgrimage. It worked wonderfully both indoors and out.

Dorothea Kurrus-Hirt

nowystylNowy Styl Group is a European leader in comprehensive furniture solutions for office and public spaces. It is the flexible approach to a customer, innovation and the exceptional organisational culture that make the Group one of the biggest and the most dynamically developing furniture companies in Europe. The production hall in Krosno has been equipped with the Okayo EJ-7 tour guide system, thank to which guests can comfortably tour the facility in industrial conditions.

Thank you for expert advice and high quality service. We recommend the Media Expo company as a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Katarzyna Gronek

hirsbrunnerHirsbrunner Carreisen – a specialist in trips around Switzerland and abroad for organised groups and associations as well as individuals. The company purchased an Okayo WT-300 tourguide system in June 2015.

We have used the equipment a few times already and it has worked without any problems. Even in noisy and difficult surroundings. So far we are very happy with it!

Bruno Hirsbrunner

viasVIAS, part of the ACS group, is one of the leading construction companies in Spain by turnover and profitability. Within the service industry, the VIAS Group executes important contracts in the fields of installations, corporate image and transportation. In June 2015 the company purchased an Okayo EJ-5 tourguide system for showing visitors around the production hall.

We are happy with the Okayo headphones. We use them for simultaneous interpretation at large meetings and they work perfectly. It makes communication much easier and helps the interpreter in their work. The receivers are small, handy and easy to use.

Natalia Kyciak

One of the De Facto association’s main aims is to establish conditions for blind and visually impaired people to have equal access to culture and art. An effective way of doing this is by using audio descriptions for films, plays or museum resources. In this particular example the recorded scripts are played live through an Okayo WT-480 system.

We would like to say thank you for your kindness and expert assistance in choosing suitable devices which have enabled us to carry out difficult but very necessary action against discrimination of visually impaired people when it comes to accessing cultural information.

Renata Nych

The Polish National Art Gallery, Zachęta, is an institution that aims to popularise contemporary art as an essential element of cultural and social life. The most interesting works of 20th and 21st century art are displayed there. In 2011/12 Zachęta purchased an EJ-7 tourguide system that they use for events with simultaneous interpretation and during meetings for the elderly.

We are very happy with the devices we purchased. They’re durable – there are no visible signs of use (peeling stickers), so time doesn’t take a toll on the aesthetic appearance of the devices. They’re easy to use which is an important factor for us as we sometimes use the services of other people (only takes a moment to learn). And the ‘system’ for storage and charging is very convenient and aesthetically appealing too.

Marlena Talunas

In order to continuously produce thermal energy and electricity from biomass, Bioenergie Steyr set up a biomass power plant in Ramingdorf. The power plant supplies the central heating network in Steyr and Ramingdorf with heat and provides environmentally friendly electricity to the public grid. The company has been using the Okayo WT-300 system since July 2013 to show guests around their industrial installations.

We use the WT-300 tour guide system, which works great for us. We use it for customer tours around our biomass power plant, where standing next to a steam turbine and a biomass steam boiler is very loud. Despite this, during the tours our customers hear every word, as the devices transmit voice very well.

Dr. Andreas Oberhammer

The travel agency is run by two art historians. Their offer will delight the greatest lovers of travel and art, whose curiosity of the world is linked with the desire to obtain the most reliable information on the newly visited places. KÖNIG & MEISER KULTURREISEN has been using Okayo WT-300 since July 2013.

For more than a year and a half we have been working with the WT-300 tour guide system and we are very happy with it. The devices are very reliable and durable. Most of our guests appreciate the additional service of taking tours with a communication system. Because of it we receive much positive feedback. We appreciate you as a reliable business partner. Information, orders and shipping function with no objections.

Martin König

The “Neues Künstlerforum” Institute is an association with the purpose to establish international contacts in areas such as music and art through which Austrian artists are promoted. The Institute organises tours throughout Austria and Europe during which special attention is paid to the context of music and the history of art since 1997. The association purchased the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system in February 2015.

Participants at our cultural events, especially during guided tours, both outdoors and in museums, have been delighted with the Okayo WT-300 system which works perfectly and is user-friendly. They don’t want to go back to using anything else now!

Maria Kramer


The STEICO group manufactures eco-friendly building materials and is a leader in wood fibre insulation materials. STEICO are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients thanks to their vast experience, modern technology and commitment of the workforce. The company purchased its first Okayo EJ-5 set in February 2014 and added another one the following year.

Both purchases and rentals are handled with the highest level of customer service, meeting all our requirements. We would like to recommend Media Expo as a reliable and dependable partner.

Steffen Zimny

WIŚNIOWSKI® has more than 20 years of expertise in the construction industry. The modern technological and production centre ensures quality and the highest standards, while the continuous improvement of the staff, products and technological lines contributes to the development of products at the highest level. In May 2015, the company purchased the Okayo EJ-7 tour system for the tour of the production line with a high noise level.

The devices provided by Media Expo play an essential role in the marketing undertaken in our company.

Media Expo have shown a real aptitude for organisation and meeting deadlines […] “WIŚNIOWSKI” believes that the company is reliable and we would be happy to recommend them as a business partner.

Grzegorz Koc

Austral travel agency provides high level services creating individual programmes to suit the age and interests of travellers. Austral purchased their first Okayo WT-300 set in 2014 and the following year added another device.

We and our clients are very happy with how the system works and don’t have any negative comments. […] We recommend Media Expo as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Barbara Homoncik

Nestle Waters is a leading producer of bottled water globally. It consists of more than 52 unique brands and is constantly growing, with satisfied customers all over the world.

The Polish branch purchased an Okayo EJ-7 tourguide system in order to provide the highest standards for tours of their factory.

The ‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mines is one of the most important sites of material and spiritual culture in Poland, welcoming over one million tourists each year from all over the world. It is also a site of global standing, in the first twelve on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. ‘Wieliczka’ is the legacy of dozens of generations of miners, a monument to the history and nation of Poland. It has been in the Polish consciousness for centuries.

The ‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mines purchased an Okayo DGT-2400 tourguide system from us.

The most important comedy theatre in Poland has enjoyed huge popularity over the last 40 years, with near 100% attendances. Despite being expensive, tickets constantly sell out.

The theatre purchased an Okayo EJ-5 tourguide system for audio descriptions.

The Centre for Contemporary Art aims to evolve as new type of cultural institution where different types of art can co-exist, interact and overlap so as to create new qualities and phenomena.

In order to take the next step in their development, the Centre purchased an Okayo AT-100 system for individual tours.

The company Indesit is one of the main manufacturers of electrical household appliances in Europe. In September 2015 the company purchased an Okayo EJ-7 tourguide system for showing visitors around the production hall.


CEWE Sp. z o.o. belongs to the pan-European group CEWE Stiftung & Co. KgaA – the biggest independent photography company on the continent. In October 2015 the company purchased an Okayo WT-300 tourguide system.

ANITOUR TOURISM AGENCY has been in operation since 2009. The company works in many fields broadly related to tourism. The agency purchased their first Okayo WT-300 set in 2013, adding further units over the following years.

Denso Thermal Systems Polska Sp. z o.o. is one of a few production plants which make up Denso Thermal Systems Sp. A. which belongs to the international holdings company Denso Corporation which is active all over the world. Denso Corporation branches are responsible for the design, industrial development and production of hi-tech automobile components. The company purchased an Okayo EJ-7 tourguide system in October 2015.

International company designing and producing hi-tech systems and parts for the automobile industry. In October 2015 the company purchased an Okayo EJ-7 tourguide system.

The company specialises in the design, installation and integration of devices for home cinema and multiroom systems, audio and video distribution and complex home automation solutions connecting sound, image, light and security systems. Best-Audio purchased an Okayo WT-300 tourguide system for one of their clients in October 2015.

The school was established in 2004 by the actor and director Bogusław Linda and the director, scriptwriter and producer Maciej Ślesicki. Warsaw Film School is one of the three highest film schools in Poland. In September 2015 the school purchased an Okayo EJ-5 simultaneous translation system.

Three generations of the Wiesinger family currently work at the company. The primary aim of the company is to make customers happy which is why they purchased an Okayo WT-300 tourguide system in September 2015.

The museum has an extensive collection of stationary and mobile exhibits. Small and large exhibits of rural architecture from Warmia, Mazuria, Powiśle and Lithuania Minor are gathered here. In order to expand their offer the museum purchased an audioguide system in September 2015.

A rapidly growing travel agency with an extraordinarily broad offer – from school trips through family holidays in your dream locations to pilgrimages to Brazil even.

EURO-TOURS agency has stocked up with a few Okayo WT-300 sets thus raising the standard of the trips they offer.

With City Train Luzern you can discover the most beautiful places and historic buildings and monuments of Luzern. In September 2015 the company purchased our SJ-1 disposable earphones.

The name Voelkel stands for professional and traditional production of Demeter and BIO certified fruit and vegetable juices. The company purchased an Okayo WT-300 tourguide system in August 2015.

This passionate guide tells visitors about his homeland, Liechtenstein, in an interesting and humorous way. Leander Schädler purchased an Okayo WT-300 tourguide system in August 2015.

“Złoty Wiek” is the first company on the Polish market to provide services exclusively for the over 50s. They organise trips around Poland and abroad. In order to meet customers’ expectations the company purchased an Okayo WT-300 system for guided tours.

Akademik Praski is modern student halls located in the Eastern part of Warsaw in the middle of the old atmospheric Old Praga district. The building was finished in July 2015 and belongs to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Warszawa-Praga. Also in July they purchased an Okayo EJ-5 system for conference translation in the lecture hall.

The agency specialises in organised trips to Portugal as well as services for tourists coming to Poland. Collaboration with trusted partners in Portugal and Poland enables Pomian Travel to guarantee a high level service. The agency purchased an Okayo WT-300 system in June 2014.

The Focolare Movement is an ecumenical movement currently operating in 182 countries. They have 2 million followers and supporters, mainly but not exclusively from the Catholic Church. The institution from Spain purchased an Okayo EJ-7 tourguide system in June 2015.

The Eco-tourist travel agency was founded by environmental protection activists and mountain guides, specializing in the organization of leisure, eco, school and active tourism. Their extensive experience as well as proven team of tour leaders and guides guarantee a professional level of service, and thus complete customer satisfaction. The agency purchased the Okayo WT-300 system in April 2015.

centrum dialoguThe Marek Edelman Dialogue Center is an institution, which aim is to conduct activities to promote the multicultural and multi-ethnic heritage of the city of Lodz, with special emphasis on Jewish culture and other cultures that have significant impact on development of the city. In July 2013, through the Clue Group which carried out the orders from the technical side, the Center acquired the Okayo EJ-7 tour guide system for simultaneous interpretation.

The Luka-tour tourist agency was created with a passion for travel and thanks to many years of experience in the travel industry. Luka-tour is full service travel agency and also organises travel events. In April 2015 the Agency acquired the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system.

Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska Sp. z o.o. is a modern, dynamically developing company, which is part of a multinational group – PHOENIX CONTACT – the world leader in sales and innovation in the field of electrical engineering. In April 2015, the corporation purchased the Okayo EJ-7 tour system for the touring of guests in the productions halls.

The only in translation agency in Poland specializing in Georgian language translations as well as sworn translation. The agency primarily serves public administrations, research institutes and non-governmental organizations implementing aid projects in Georgia. In April 2015 the agency bought the Okayo WT-300 system for use when interpreting for conferences, training courses and workshops.

A travel agency with 30 years of experience in organising coach and airline tours. Modisana’s offer is addressed to persons, for which travelling comfort plays a significant role. For even greater convenience, the travel agency bought in May 2015 the Okayo WT-300 system for guided tours.

Atlas Travel Agency specializes in organizing travelling tours to Poland and Europe for schools, companies and for pilgrimages. From May 2015 the company possesses a professional sightseeing tour guide system – Okayo WT-300.

Watra is a tourist and transport company, which in its 11-year history has had lots of interesting programmes, sometimes at the beginning seemingly impossible to implement. The amount of tourist projects, topical events and logistical transport challenges still increasing of satisfied customers. The company purchased the Okayo WT-300 system in April 2015.

Baltic Tour is a tour operator offering a full range of incoming services for those travelling to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Since its inception in 2007, the agency’s objective is to provide the highest level of service. The agency purchased the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system in April 2015.

stockStock Polska Sp. z o.o. is the leading producer of spirits in Central and Eastern Europe. It’s the leader in vodka and vodka-based flavoured liqueurs as well as the largest producer of alcohol in Poland. In March 2015 the company purchased the Okayo EJ-7 tour guide system in order to provide training and show the visitors around the production line.

Initially BUDMAT was a wholesaler of building materials but today BUDMAT Bogdan Więcek is a group combining 3 companies: BUDMAT Auto, BUDMAT Transport and wholesale as mentioned above. In February 2015 the company purchased the Okayo EJ-7 tour guide system for showing around the production halls due to continuous development.

The “ARIM” Travel Agency has many years of experience in the organisation of tourist events. The agency’s offer is addressed to schools, companies, sport clubs as well as individuals. The agency purchased the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system in February 2015 in order to provide guests with comfortable touring.

A tourist group leader in the Holy Land (Israel, Palestine and Jordan) as well as Italy. He combines curiosity of the world with personal passions such as history, archaeology, film, music, art, sports with which he infects the tourists. Mr. Piotr purchased the Okayo WT-300 system in January 2015.

On the market for 80 years. Since 2003 it has a brand new idea for a travel agency. Today Merz Reisen is in the hands of the 3rd generation. Although the style of travelling by bus has changed, the love for travel and far away countries remains unchanged for all the employees of Merz Reisen. The agency purchased SJ-1 disposable earphones in April 2015.

The company Mürdter Metall- und Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH provides tools for pressure casting, stamping, rear injection as well as thermoplastic modules and components. The company’s customers are cared for from designing phases until the completion of the entire series, for complex production as well as large-scale projects. The company purchased the Okayo EJ-5 tour guide system for showing touring the plant in high noise conditions in March 2015.

20150331_055909120_iOSMany years of experience as well as knowledge of diverse needs and expectations of customers is the basis of activity for the PRIMAPOL Polish Travel Agency. It provides the highest level of comprehensive business travel services for companies and institutions as well as tourist trips, trainings and incentives. The agency purchased the Okayo WT-300 system in March 2015.

“mecca Consulting” specialises in research, consultancy and interdisciplinary development of projects on regional development, education and environment. Central and Eastern Europe is the main area of operation. “mecca Consulting” owns the Okayo EJ-7 tour guide system since March 2015.

MBtouristik Kai Müller has many years of experience in organisation of world tours specifically addressed to choirs and other music groups. The agency purchased the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system in March 2015.

MBtouristik, as an exclusive travel agency, didn’t have to think about it for long. The Okayo WT-300 tourguide system is an investment for the future as well as currently receiving high praise from all guests on our trips.

Our guests no longer have to crowd around the guide to be able to hear them. This acoustic aid means individuals can separate from the group and calmly visit and admire their surroundings, take photos, or simply sit down and still hear everything that’s important. And all this with the best quality sound coming directly to their ears.

Surrounding sound from other people or traffic or construction is simply eliminated.

Special earphones even allow people with hearing aids to attend the tour without any problems or acoustic constraints.

The trips become an experience. MBtouristik, along with all our clients, would not want to be without the Tourguide system!

Kai Müller

The “KADRA” Trade Union of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. “Borynia” Coal Mine in Jastrzębie Zdrój is a constantly and dynamically developing organization which started in 1989. The number of “KADRA” members is almost 600 people who use the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system during their union trips since March 2015.

IBC Cologne is a New Testament church of the Lord Jesus Christ, a local body of baptized believers who are associated by covenant in the faith and fellowship of the gospel. This church includes people from all over the world and is an autonomous body, operating through democratic processes, in such the congregation members are equally responsible. The Church purchased the Okayo WT-300 system in December 2014.

The travel agency offers various means of transportation for tours: electric carts, Segway, bicycles and even Vespa scooters. In comfort and in a short period of time we will visit many interesting places and learn their history. The company leased from us the Okayo AT-100 audioguide since December 2014 for tourists visiting the city in electric carts.

For more than 80 years PURINA has been gathering knowledge and advice from experts in order to provide high quality products for dog and cat owners.

The factory in Poland purchased an Okayo EJ-7 system to guide guests around the factory.

PRO ITALY was created out of passion for Italy, its culture and tradition. It was founded by a group of friends from different regions of Italy. With combined knowledge and experience they provide services at the highest level. The agency purchased Okayo WT-300 in January 2015.

The company Mobotix AG, based in Germany, is a global producer of high-quality megapixel IP cameras.

They purchased an Okayo WT-600 tourguide system to guide guests during fairs.

A tourist agency with ten years of experience in the tourism industry which enables a professional approach to each customer, ensures service quality and continuous extension of the offer. The agency’s activities are based on the organization of all the details of a guest’s stay in Croatia. FORTIS TRAVEL JUNIOR has the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system since January 2015.

One of the largest travel agencies in Lithuania, founded in 1992. UAB “Baltic saitas” is an experienced and competent incoming tour operator providing services in the Baltic countries, Russia and Finland. The travel agency purchased the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system in April 2014.

The Mano turas tourist office founded in 2005 provides tourist services for individual clients, coach groups and pilgrimages, etc. The offer of Mano turas includes not only the standard tours of Vilnius and the surrounding areas but also provides opportunity for better understanding of Lithuania, its culture and tradition. The tourist office acquired the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system in August 2013.

tour transOne of the largest Russian coach carriers which uses an impressive fleet of Mercedes buses equipped with the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system in October 2014.

Eduard “Grandfather” Bauck back in 1932 was the first to show his plant management methods in a bio-dynamic way: long before eco and bio came into use. Today in Lüneburg Heath on three farms live and work three generations of the Bauck family. The Okayo WT-300 system was purchased in February 2015 in order to show visitors around the premises.

Omnibusreisen“Forward to the past” is the motto of the Omnibus Museum, which captivates with its history of omnibus travel from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. In the originally restored vehicles you can feel a breeze from the past. The atmosphere of the former times satisfies the desire to travel in time. The purchase of the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system was made by Mr. Thomas Thalmayr in February 2015.

The Vienna Secession Artists’ Association was founded in 1897. In 1898 their first exhibition took place and in the same year they built Secession’s first building designed by Joseph M. Olbrich. Today Secession is the oldest independent, exhibition house devoted to modern art. The exhibition programme is determined by artists in a democratic manner and in accordance with an artistic point of view. The main objective is to present current Austrian and international art projects. Visitors have been using disposable SJ-1 headphone from January 2015. Media Expo is one of the material sponsors of the Association.

RMKRMK TOURS, which specialises in organizing trips to Madeira and Porto Santo, was founded by a German couple in 1999. Today the agency employees a specialized staff, has its own coaches and competently organizes both group and individual trips. In June 2014 the agency purchased the Okayo WT-300 system to serve tourists at an even higher level.

The company provides services for the IT industry, which for the last 20 years is a solid partner for industry, health care, trade and manufacturing, construction as well as public administration. Inactio GmbH bought the Okayo EJ-7 system for their customer in December 2014.

Oroundo Mobile GmbH is an expert in areas such as: communication, social media, marketing, management and administration, programming and sales. From November 2014 they have been using our disposable SJ-1 headphones.

The company produces and reconditions steel drums.

Merco Machines purchased an Okayo WT-300 tourguide system from us.

oekoparkÖkopark Hartberg combines such areas such as scientific research, manufacturing and experiments in one unique and innovative economic model, which demonstrates that ecology and economics, research and practice as well as learning and having fun are not opposites, but mutually reinforce each other. The company has been using the AT-100 audioguide system since February 2013.

Freizeitzentrum-RossauThe first public facility to learn golf in Tyrol is just a few minutes from the centre of Innsbruck by car. Among the greenery and the beautiful mountain views you can improve your skills from early morning till late evening. The facility has been equipped with the Okayo WT-300 system since January 2014.

The Federation cares for the Al-Madina mosque, which is one of the many mosques in Rosenheim. It is used by Muslims first and foremost for common prayer, but also as a place for learning and fun for younger and older children. The Federation purchased the Okayo EJ-7 system for interpretation in August 2014.

Ramboll AG is a multidisciplinary company providing engineering services, design and consulting in 7 different sectors, including construction, transport, energy and management. Guided tours of the production hall in Zurich are conducted using the Okayo EJ-7 system from May 2014.

A travel agency for real enthusiasts. Here anyone who wants to experience an amazing adventure will find an offer for themselves. Willi’s Reisen acquired Okayo WT-300 sets in October 2014.

pfeifferA company with a long tradition, which uses the Okayo WT-300 system for communication between tours guides and trip participants. The tour guide system, purchased at the end of 2014, allows the guide to professionally conduct guided tours.

ettenhuberBusbetrieb Josef Ettenhuber GmbH is a large, innovative service company engaged in such things as coach tourism with a very rich excursion offer. At the end of 2014, the company equipped 8 buses with the Okayo WT-300 system.

A tourist company from Belarus which purchased the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system in 2014.

A tourist company from Czech Republic which purchased the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system in May 2014.

Mr. Vonwil purchased disposable SJ-1 headphones for his driving school in January 2015.

Mr. Allmer (a guide) uses the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system in his many trips to France, Ireland and Italy since April 2014.

Mr. Muschol uses the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system in his daily tour work since July 2014. Okayo WT-300 allows him to provide the highest level of services.