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MBtouristik Kai Müller, Fellbach-Schmiden


MBtouristik Kai Müller has many years of experience in organisation of world tours specifically addressed to choirs and other music groups. The agency purchased the Okayo WT-300 tour guide system in March 2015.

MBtouristik, as an exclusive travel agency, didn’t have to think about it for long. The Okayo WT-300 tourguide system is an investment for the future as well as currently receiving high praise from all guests on our trips.

Our guests no longer have to crowd around the guide to be able to hear them. This acoustic aid means individuals can separate from the group and calmly visit and admire their surroundings, take photos, or simply sit down and still hear everything that’s important. And all this with the best quality sound coming directly to their ears.

Surrounding sound from other people or traffic or construction is simply eliminated.

Special earphones even allow people with hearing aids to attend the tour without any problems or acoustic constraints.

The trips become an experience. MBtouristik, along with all our clients, would not want to be without the Tourguide system!

Kai Müller